Games about Money, Millionaires, Luxus, Work

Games about Money, Millionaires, Luxus, Work

Here is a list of games about luxus, wealth, money millionaires, billionaires what can help expirience the luxus life of the super-wealthy people, multimillionaires, billionaires, or can help to be wealthy too indirectly, because if you want to get rich with games directly then that is totally another category so i have a separate article about making money with games here.


Money Bath VR game:

Only asians can make these too. This is a totally 3D headset glasses virtual reality VR game about luxus, money, millionaire lifestyle. I know that this is omg, but I also know someone who really lives about like this in real life ^^ xDDD



PC Building Simulator:

This is one of the best games for young online teenagers I think, one of the best games what can help to make more money if your computer is your work tool for you too.



Games about luxus, luxury life, hawaii dj beach vacation freedom lifestyle:
There are some:

– The Good Life:


– Hollywood Hills Mansion:

44 Millió $ hollywoodi / Los Angeles villa mansionVR simulator with inbuild moovie theater with TV or streams like Netflix or your own media if you want to watch movie not in your getto poor room but if you want virtual reality in your luxury villa virtual reality xDD

+ There are other games about luxury life, with hawaii dj beach lifestyle, for example:

– Heaven Island – VR MMO ( it’s like Heaven Forest, but with beach self reflection )
– Haven
– Holiday World Tycoon
– Gru Minions Paradise:

– Fishermurs ( beach racer )
– Dead Island sorozat ( in the begginning it is luxury beach vacation but after it comes zombies )
– Ostrich Island ( own beach building with crazy ostrich )
– Murder on the island
+ DuckTales series ;D




Another PC game about wealth, the rich and the poor, and about making money in real life, just a little different and in the past.




Western games about Money making in the Wild West and about the Gold Fever:

There are many, like:
– GunPowder:

– Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman’s Mine:

+ Desperados series about stealing cowboys at Wild Wild West
+ There are many similar western money making games about the gold fever for example similars are: Red Dead Redemption 1+2, Hard West, Find your way, Fistful frags




Pirate treasure hunter game about gold, treasures, middle age wealth & trasure games list:

There are many, like:
– Atlas (2018):

– Pirates of the Caribbean series are also adventure games about treasure seeking
– Monkey Island series are also adventure games about treasure finding
– Skull & Bones
– Raft ( it is closer to the present, and with young teenagers )
– Uncharted waters ( total FREE MMO )




Treasure seeking adventure games, what are NOT pirate, and NOT western, and closer to present days:

There are many, like:
– Jack Keane series: adventure game about treasure hunting
– Indiana Jones series are also adventure games about treasure hunting
– Nancy Drew Ransom of the Seven Ships
– Uncharted
– Broken Sword and Runaway series are also a little bit games about a treasures
I tried to collect only the realistic trasure seeking games here what are not too magical, scifi or not only about killing.




Games about eSport success, wealth, list of games about making money and career with eSport games:

There are many, like:
– Esports Life: Ep.1 – Dreams of Glory:

– Esports Life Tycoon ( eSport team manager, management trainer )
– Dont forget our eSport dream ( StarCraft: Brood War visual novel )
– SC2VN – The eSports Visual Novel ( total FREE game: StarCraft 2 visual novel )
– Get Rich or Die Gaming ( it your father throws you out to the streets before you achieve your eSport dream career how to get rich even then ^^ )



Youtubers life:

LOL ^^ 😀



Games about work:
There are many different types, like:
– Job Simulator (3D VR office work simulator game):

– Not a Simulator For Working:

– Szoftver development company simulator game: Software Inc. (2015):

– Game developer simulators: Game Dev Tycoon, Game Tycoon 2, Game Dev Studio, Gamedev Beatdown, Mad Games Tycoon, City Game Studio, Gamedev simulator
– Indie Dev Simulator ( Freelancer programmer simulator )
– Project Glitch ( Game tester 3D simulator game )
– Neo Cab ( futuristic taxi driver learns to see inside others lifes, works, emotions, similar to Cloudpunk but more about self develop )
– Viki Spotter: Professions
– Randal’s Monday
– Journey Down ( poor rasta try to work )
– You Are Not a Banana
– Cargo
– Leisure Suit Larry series ( flirting 0-24 at work and instead of work following the rich parties )
– I Love Money show
Fulfillment ( amazon logistic work simulator game )
Yuppy Psycho ( first office job horror survival simulator game  ):

– Eliza ( the future AI support program simulator ):

– Hard Times ( big city survival bum simulator game )





Reality simulators:
There are many, for example:
– GTA series, exspecially the Vice City, San Andreas and 4. + 5. episodes and it’s expansions are all about starting from 0 and to get rich to be a millionaire, when you will have your own island, villas, helicopter, luxury cars, yachts, properties, etc. what you also all can use, so beside the maffia story line i can help in the millionaire lifestyle feeling too:

– Sims 1-4 real life simulator with infinite for example jobs and work expansions so with this you not only can design your dreamhouse now but also with your dream job , dream garden, etc. too:

– Garry’s Mod:
It is a more open sandbox 3D designer what you can design your house, office, product in 3D also, and can make a moovie about it also connecting with the also Valve made tool:
– Source Film Maker
– Cities: Skylines ( city building game )
– Big cities ( city building game )
– Tropico 1-6 ( tropical property and city building game )
– Transport fever 2 ( transport simulator )
– Farming Simulator 17
– Rise of Industry
– This is Vegas ( casino owner simulator )
– Hoteles ( hotel owner simulator )
– The Movies ( film producer simulator,  there are many similar like “Hollywood” etc. )



Maffia games:
– Maffia
– Riskers
– Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition
– Transistor





Financial intelligence skill improving games:

– Robert T. Kiyosaki CashFlow
It is an enhanced “Monopoly”, directly focusing on modern real life simulation and on improving financial intelligence skills. It is available as offline board game and online free game also on their official pages.
A Meggazdagodást segítő pénzügyi intelligencia fejlesztő játékok






+ Games for language learning:

– Summer Lesson ( Japan 3D VR girlfriend simulator )
– Learn (Japanese) Kana The Fun Way!
– One Manga Day ( game about Japan manga translator’s life )



+ Games for music learning + about money making with music:
– Rocksmith® 2014 Edition – Remastered for your own real guitar
– Bolt Riley ( Bob Marley life copy )
– Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll ( girl band visual novel )


Don’t forget that  if you want to get rich with games directly then that is totally another category so i have a separate article about making money with games here ! ! !



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